Popular products in the market hall

It is a delicious special product unique to Yuki-cho that uses plenty of "materials" grown in clean water where plenty of nature and fireflies dance. Collaboration products with local high school students, "Giant salamander konjac," are also in stock.

Craft beer using Yuki's groundwater. "Yukinko Ale" is easy to drink, fruity and fragrant. "Amanjaku" where you can enjoy the bitterness of hops and the scent of citrus. Please try drinking and comparing ♫

Mochi is available at the market hall throughout the year. Flat rice cakes, yomogi mochi, red bean paste, millet and purple potatoes! Many types are lined up.

Freshly laid eggs of fertilized eggs coming from a poultry farm in Yuki-cho. When you make rice with eggs, its deliciousness overflows.

Seasonal recommended

The vegetables (radish, Chinese cabbage) in the market hall are delicious because they grew up in the harsh environment of cold Yurai!
It's sweet and delicious just by boiling and baking ♫

Taro brought by many producers from around autumn! From small to large ones, parent potatoes and red buds are also in stock.

Maki persimmon with a long history from 1945. It is a traditional Tokusanhin that is full of love from many people since making dried persimmons.

Introducing the shipper

We would like to introduce some of the 120 shippers who are shipping the most recommended products.


Opinion number of the market hall! Big Chinese cabbage this time of year! Throughout the year, various vegetables such as wasabi leaves, eggplants, taro, and pumpkin are shipped.


Boil it! Good to bake! Good raw! Producer of fluffy konjac. There are even customers who come to buy by name!


We ship seasonal vegetables. In addition, the pickles made from the vegetables are excellent! It is loved by many customers.




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